Keep Your Religion From Between My Legs!

LegsOnce again, a predominantly male panel, this time The Supreme Court of The United States, will be deciding issues related to a woman’s body.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of others deciding issues that should be between a woman, her doctor, and any one else SHE chooses to include.  Frankly, it is none of anyone’s damned business what goes on between my legs.  It is none of MY damned business what goes on between anyone else’s legs.  Especially to the point of wanting to dictate what a woman can legally do with her Lady Parts!!!

The owners of Hobby Lobby, as well as another company, are arguing that they don’t want to provide insurance according to the Affordable Care Act, that would cover Intra-Uterine Devices (IUD’s) and the Plan B pill.  Now it must be noted that any other type of contraceptive is ok with these evangelical owners, just not what “they” consider abortifacients.  It doesn’t matter that these two things are not classified as abortifacients by the FDA, argues Hobby Lobby et. al., what matters is what the owners “believe“.

I’m not trying to take away anyone’s right to believe what they want, and act according to their beliefs.  One of my questions, and I do have a few, is why are “Christians” trying to use their beliefs as weapons? Let’s face it.  People need jobs, and Hobby Lobby has done a pretty good job of providing them.  They also pay their employees above minimum wage, so with them, I’m not doubting that this is truly their belief.  The problem comes when other “beliefs” start creeping in.  If it is against their religion to provide coverage that covers drugs they don’t like, what happens when someone says Homosexuality is against their religion, so they don’t want to serve or hire anyone from the LGBT community? Same thing goes for other minorities.  Religion is a broad based thing, and now-a-days, everyone is practicing all types of things they call “Religion”.

There are people who say Vaccinations are against their Religion.  Are they then able to use the same reasoning to keep you from being covered for vaccinations?  God forbid you are employed by a Jehovah’s Witness. You can forget about getting Blood Transfusions!!!

I’m not saying Hobby Lobby will do this, but we all know that there are those that, if the Supreme Court were to actually side with Hobby Lobby,  will use the religion angle to be nothing more than bigots.  Make no mistake about it, that WILL come, depending on this ruling.

We need a woman in the White House, we need more women in Congress, and we definitely need more women on The Supreme Court.  Women On The Move will be doing our part to help that happen.  I hope you will too!

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  1. Penny Gates-Christianson says

    Hi there Leslie Wimes! I came over from your post of the same at DKos. Thanks for the diary and link to your site.
    I will search around the corners and see what you have to offer. Thanks again for taking the time to start a blog where a hole was and needed to be filled. As the mother of 2 daughters, their continued access to choices they will have is very important to me. I have lost family members to the lack of choice and to much blood, sweat, tears and life has been lost to this cause for us to go backwards instead of forwards.
    Peace and Blessings!
    Penny GC

  2. Denns says

    I read your article and agree that I don’t have a right to know what goes on between your legs, however those who are looking for jobs and take one such as Hobby Lobby, have no right to tell that company or any other company what the can and can’t put in their insurance program. If the company is paying for the insurance or at least paying the majority of the cost to the insurance have no right to say what they need to pay for. Women of the world, you have a choice, you can spread your legs and take the necessary precautions to keep them from being pregnant or the can keep their legs close. That a choice and you can make it. Grow up and put a little dignity in your life.

  3. Mark says

    I everyone. I have not written this message to fight with anyone about this issue but I do have an opinion which I will share with you. I fail understand this high level of competition between men and women on a host of issues. I was taught by my mother to respect women and treat them with dignity and love and tenderness. I married my wife seeking out a partner with the same virtues that my mother. I learn’t these qualities of tenderness from both of my parents. That’s why I do not believe in all the feminist ideologies. It is a big con. We are all made from the same stuff so let’s all treat each other with proper respect. I respect strong woman who believe that a life with a beating heart should be respected from conception to the tomb. Once life is conceived it is a separate life, a person and must be protected by the mother and the father. I love woman who love and respect life. My wife and I are on the same page and we share the same beliefs. There are many strong women out there who share those same beliefs that my mom past on to me.

    • says

      Spoken like a man who will NEVER know what it is to be a woman. However you feel and whatever type of woman you like is your business. All we ask is that you continue to mind your business and not try to force your beliefs on others. No one is telling you that your wife has to have an abortion. Just don’t tell others that they can’t because you don’t approve.

  4. Sabrina Daniel says

    Miss Leslie, I find your language offensive and vulgar. You seem very angry to me. If you are convinced that you are so right, then you can communicate that in ways that aren’t vulgar and angry. I will share with you that I am a strong woman and I totally disagree with your position. Women definitely have a right to do with their bodies what they choose. They can choose to be celibate. They can choose to practice natural family planning. They may choose to use other forms of birth control. However, once conception has taken place, we are not talking about the father or the mother, but a totally different human being inside the womb. I know many Medical Doctors who are convinced of this. Now there are 3 people involved and each one has a right to live. You made your choice, when you chose to have sex. I believe that if the Hobby Lobby folks lose, then we have just one more case of the Government telling the Private Sector how to run their business. In addition, if I have a bakery, it is my right to sell or not sell to anyone I wish. I own it—It is MY business. Thank you for reading my World-And-Life-View. Have a great night!

    • says

      Sabrina, you are entitled to do whatever YOU want to do. I would never try to tell you to have an abortion. That’s where we are different, apparently, because you somehow feel you have the right to tell me what to do. You don’t. The only person you can control is yourself. I don’t care that you find my language offensive and vulgar. The beauty of living in this country is that we all have to freedom of speech. What you clearly don’t understand is that on THIS blog, I’m the dictator. I control what is published and what isn’t. Be happy that I allowed you to be heard. You see, unlike you, I can deal with others having differing positions. I just can’t deal with others who try to force their positions on me. I hope you understand. Ta-ta!

  5. Leslie says

    The difference here is that Hobby Lobby is not preventing you or anyone else from purchasing any form of contraception; they simply do not want to have to pay for the ones they disagree with. Your article also begins by stating, “it is none of anyone’s damned business what goes on between my legs.” But if that is true, then they should also not be forced to pay for what goes on there, either. You seem to think that your desire to have somebody else pay for everything you want in your life should override anyone else’s desire to follow their own religious beliefs. Instead of believing that others, like Hobby Lobby, were placed on this earth to buy you things, why not work hard to buy your own stuff so you can truly say it is no one else’s business?

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