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Will Lupita Nyong’o’s Career Go The Route Of Other Oscar-Winning Black Actresses?

Hattie McDaniel. Whoopie Goldberg. Halle Berry. Jennifer Hudson. Monique. Octavia Spencer. Lupita Nyong’o. All Black actresses who won an Oscar. Halle Berry won for best actress in a leading role, the others won best actress in a supporting role. This is a remarkable and amazing achievement. I’m very proud of them. Very proud. I have […]

Angela Corey Has A Thing For Marissa Alexander!

Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey has the hots, for lack of a better, G-rated term, for Marissa Alexander. That has to be it. There is no other explanation for why her office is going after this woman with guns blazing. Pun intended. Corey has clearly shown she gives less than a damn about black males. […]

Women’s History Month is Here!

Today, March 1st, is a special day. It’s special for a couple of good reasons. First, it’s my birthday!!!! Yay! Go Leslie! Second, it is the start of Women’s History Month. This month, we celebrate the accomplishments of many different women, past, present, and future. Normally we focus on what women have done in the […]

President Obama, Don’t Forget Your Sisters!

Recently, President Obama launched a great initiative to support young men of color, My Brother’s Keeper. An effort, the president said, that will help not only the at-risk demographic but the nation as a whole. It’s also an effort that hits close to home for Mr. Obama. “I could see myself in these young men,” […]

Jason Collins Got A Job! For Now, Anyway..

It seems as though Jason Collins, the professional NBA basketball player who recently came out as gay, has a job. For now. The Brooklyn Nets have signed Mr. Collins to a 10-day contract. This came nearly 10 months after becoming the first openly gay NBA player. 10 months. Collins will become the first openly-gay player […]

Stand Your Ground: A License To Legally Lynch

In the state of Florida, the standard has been set. If you are a non-black, you can legally shoot and kill any Black Male you see, as long as you say you feared for your life. Mind you, the Black person doesn’t need to be carrying a weapon. He can be carrying skittles and tea. […]

America’s Manufactured Rage Problem

Question: How do you destroy the Working Class? Answer: You get them to pay for their own death. More to the point, you manufacture rage. Make the rage so blinding that they can’t see anything other than the rage YOU manufacture. Sound pretty simple? Good, because it is. If you tell certain people that the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some say Valentine’s Day was invented by a woman who didn’t like what she got for Christmas, after all, Valentine’s Day is not too long after Christmas!  Haha! Valentine’s Day is a day highlighted for love.  You don’t have to be IN love to enjoy it, though. For those who aren’t in a committed relationship, […]

Being Gay And Being Black Are Not The Same!

Let me start by saying there is no competition in discrimination. No one is trying to say one group’s suffering is more important than another. Discrimination, no matter where it is found, is wrong. That being said, I take issue with people comparing Michael Sam to Jackie Robinson. Michael Sam is no Jackie Robinson. Jackie […]